sound dance art

A multimedia performance

17 to 20 of august 2017 | 21.00

heike wrede – dance
ursel schlicht – piano sounds
atef khaitou – paintings

Dance, music and the art of painting meet as equals, inspiring each other and together creating something new. In front of the audience various art forms will be unfolding. The spontaneous, intuitive, and at the same time very focused actions of music, dance and the art of painting react strongly towards each other and may change at any moment. The painted picture is created intuitively as well, but remains unchanged, is being contemplated and constitutes an element of the visible process in between the ephemeral and the permanent. Images inspired by music, dance, colours arise before the eyes of the audience. In the head of the observer colour, music and movements melt together and form images. They take up each other, they overlap and create something new, move between the worlds, building bridges and opening up new spaces.

Admission 15 Euro, discounted 10 Euro


With friendly support of the Kulturamt der Stadt Kassel, des Hessischen Ministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kunst and the Museum of Sepucral Culture.

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Museumscafe, Museum für Sepulkralkultur

Ursel Schlicht, Atef Khaitou, Heike Wrede