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2017 wird die transmortale VIII nicht im Museum für Sepulkralkultur in Kassel stattfinden, sondern aufgrund einer Kooperation in die Veranstaltung "Transmortality 2017. The Materiality and Spatiality of Death, Burial and Commemoration" der Universität Luxemburg, vom 3.-4. März 2017 in der Stadt Luxemburg, integriert sein.

Transmortality International 3./4. März 2017, Luxembourg (Folder)

Transmortality 2017: The Materiality and Spatiality of Death, Burial and Commemoration
3 - 4 March 2017, Luxembourg City
Death, dying and burial produce artefacts and occur in a spatial context. The interplay between such materiality, spatiality and the bereaved who commemorate the dead yields interpretations and creates meanings that can change over time. In this conference, we want to explore this interplay by going beyond the consideration of simple grave artefacts on the one hand and graveyards as a space on the other to examine the specific interrelations between materiality, spatiality, the living and the dead.
We invite papers from all disciplines, from academics and professionals alike, to reflect on the materiality and spatiality of death, burial and commemoration – for example, concerning cemeteries and other spaces of remembrance. We suggest the following non-exhaustive list of themes:

  • Agency of materiality and spatiality
  • heoretical considerations regarding materiality and spatiality in sepulchral culture
  • Innovative research methods in this field
  • Ethics in the study of death, burial and commemoration
  • Ideology and/or politics
  • Regional and cultural contexts, including migration and transborder issues related to sepulchral culture 

We welcome and strongly encourage the submission of ongoing research projects, such as doctoral theses. There is no limit on disciplines, research fields, approaches, regions, periods, confessions, etc. This open invitation extends to professional groups and lay people concerned with taking care of those who are dying or bereaved, as well as of bodies that have already expired, and of memorialisation. However, all considered papers need to be explicit in their consideration of issues of materiality and spatiality in death, burial or commemoration.
There is no conference fee. Reimbursement for travel and/or accommodations costs might be possible upon application.
For more information about the conference, please visit https://transmortality.uni.lu/

The Transmortality International: Materiality and Spatiality of Death, Burial and Commemoration conference, to be held on 3 and 4 March 2017 at the University of Luxembourg, is organised by the R.I.P. research project in collaboration with the Transmortale working group of the University of Hamburg and the Museum für Sepulkralkultur in Kassel, the Cemetery Research Group at the University of York and the Necrolog network based in Aix-en-Provence. The conference has an explicitly international focus, thus it will be held in English and aims to have exchanges about recent research forays, notably those not yet published in another language.
Abstracts of no more than 1,000 words, written in English, should be submitted to thomas.kolnberger@uni.lu AND christoph.streb@uni.lu by Thursday, 1 December 2016.
Submissions should clearly state the issues to be discussed and the key arguments the paper will make in relation to the conference’s aim and focus. References should follow the APA style guide (http://www.apastyle.org). Please submit both a Word and a PDF file.
The name and institutional affiliation of the author(s) should be provided, including full contact details. International contributions are encouraged, as are submissions from authors at all stages of their careers. Informal email enquiries prior to submission can be sent to thomas.kolnberger@uni.lu or christoph.streb@uni.lu. Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted contributions notified by Monday, 3 January 2017.
Special Issue in the academic journal “Mortality”
Selected submissions will be considered for publication in a special issue of the journal “Mortality” (http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/cmrt20/current) – scheduled for 2019. An additional call for papers will follow. All articles will be subject to an independent peer-review process.

Conference Team:
Dr Thomas Kolnberger (University of Luxembourg), thomas.kolnberger@uni.lu
Dr Christoph Streb (University of Luxembourg), christoph.streb@uni.lu

Soeurs Franciscaines (de la Miséricorde)
Maison d'Accueil des Soeurs Franciscaines – Haus der Begegnung 50 Avenue Gaston Diderich L-1420 Luxembourg

Scientific Board:

  • Dr Thorsten Benkel (Universität Passau)
  • Prof. Anne Carol (Université Aix-Marseilles)
  • Dr Anne Fornerod (CNRS, Université de Strasbourg)
  • Prof. Jean-Paul Lehners (Université du Luxembourg)
  • Dr David Petts (University of Durham)
  • Dr Robert L. Philippart (Université catholique de Louvain)
  • Dr Julie Rugg (University of York)

Associated Researchers:

  • Dr. Elisabeth Boesen
  • Assoc. Prof. Geoffrey Caruso
  • MA/MA cand. Carole Graffé
  • MA cand. Alain Graas
  • Assoc. Prof. Sonja Kmec

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