Religions and their burial rites in Germany

Our permanent exhibition is being extended in order to pay consideration to the subject of cultural and religious diversity in Germany with regard to dying and death. The issue of the burial of migrants in German cemeteries has become increasingly important in recent years. The number of people with a migrant background has risen sharply, so that immigration in Germany is gradually being reflected in the burial culture, which will lead to increasing cultural diversity in the cemeteries.

Today, people of different religions are living in Germany. In this connection, one can mention the five great world religions, first of all the so-called “religions of the book” Judaism, Christianity and Islam, then Buddhism and Hinduism. In addition, there are a number of smaller religious communities. They all have their own forms and rituals of burial. A fact which also applies to people with no religious affiliation.

The exhibition provides information about the different religions, their traditions and religious rituals. And it also explains the conditions under which the people of these religions can bury and mourn their dead here in Germany, and how they practise their own funeral culture.
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