Philosphical Café

What is fear?

20. October 2019, 15 to 17 pm

Everyone knows the feeling of fear. It is one of the most existential emotions of the human being. While the german term "Furcht" refers to a feeling that refers to a concrete danger, the german term "Angst" refers to a general state of mind.

Philosophers such as Søren Kierkegaard or Martin Heidegger saw fear as the basic feeling of human existence par excellence, which can also determine human action. Fear can paralyse us and become a painful experience, but it also warns us and helps us to go through life more attentively.

But what exactly is fear? What does fear have to do with our attitude to life? Is it important to eliminate fear from our lives or do we have to learn to live with it? And does fear have anything to do with the consciousness that we are all mortal?

These and other questions we want to explore in the Philosophical Café. We are not looking for psychological, but philosophical answers. In a relaxed circle with coffee and cake we want to think together about what fear means and what relation it has to our existence. The thoughts of great philosophers should help us to better understand the phenomenon of fear.

In the Philosophical Café we do not interpret philosophical works, but rather - inspired by the thoughts of great philosophers - think together about concepts and questions that accompany us in our lives. Every insight, every experience that someone can and wants to contribute is valuable and important. And if you only want to listen, you will also have the opportunity...

With this offer a contribution should be made:

  •     to experience the importance of everyday philosophical thinking for one's own life;
  •     to discover new forms of understanding, clarification and finding meaning;
  •     To develop thoughts to an own form of the art of living.

The flyer with the conditions of participation for the event can be found here.

If you are interested, you can find the registration form here.


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