Bedeguar and clove wreath

Lecture and guided tour

Friday, 15 March 2019 | 7.30 pm

From 6.00 pm there will be guided tours through Tutenfru. About superstition and death
and the permanent exhibition Dying, Death, Burial and Remembrance

Coffins and tombs of the past centuries are full of testimonies of popular belief and forgotten rituals. What people gave to their deceased and in what means they trusted often seems bizarre and naïve to us today.
In the lecture, the grave goods will be used to explain what may have been going on in the minds of our ancestors and that their living worlds often did not differ so much from ours.

Lecture by Dr. Regina Ströbl and Dr. Andreas Ströbl,
both experts in art history and archaeology
Working Group Gruft Research Centre in Lübeck

Admission: 9,- Euro | 6,- Euro reduced incl. guided tour from 6 pm through the exhibition "Tutenfru. About superstition and death" and the permanent exhibition with landscape planner Dagmar Kuhle and curator Ulrike Neurath.

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